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Sticky Post

'Isn't it enough to see the a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?'

Stormy Night - Richard and Douglas

Hey guys, I have written a fan fic with Dawkins reflecting on his friendship with Douglas. If you twist your head around a little bit, I'm sure you could see some slash there ;) I don't mind how you interpret it, hope you enjoy. I've always been fascinated by the way Richard talks about their friendship in The Devil's Chaplain. Douglas also feature's in Richard's Christmas Science Lecture's it's rather adorable :P

Set in 2006, five years after Douglas Adam's passed away. To my understanding Richard does enjoy the touch of jazz (mentioned in a small autobigraphy he wrote). Bill Evans is a famous jazz keyboardist, and 'Two Lonely People' and 'Sugar Plum' are two of his songs.

I wanted to write a fic where Richard reflects upon his realtionship with Douglas Adams. The only way I have ever heard Richard talk about Douglas is with adortion, I wanted to encalpulate this but whilst making sure that I felt Richard in character. I hope that you enjoy it so..

(Note: Richard found out about Douglas' passing on a perfectly normal morning when he woke up to check his e-mails- The Devil's Chaplain.)
Title: Stormy Night
Rating: PG Friendship
Information: Richard lies awake at night, and recalls a memory that fills him with harmony of an evening spent with his close friend Douglas Adams

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Quickly Gone

This is just a short fic, I was in the mood to write something a little exciting [Haha]
Don't read if you are not interested in this sort of story (; Hope you guys enjoy!

Title: Quickly Gone
Rating: M/Slash
Information: A young Professor Dawkins and his partner get up to a little mischief between meetings (;

Richard was eager for it to strike 11..Collapse )

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I was inspired by a photo of young Dawkins: [Richard Dawkins in 1976, studying insect behaviour by noting the reactions of crickets to recorded mating calls] And have produced a short fic :) 
Title: Lighthearted
Rating: PG
Information: Richard is light-hearted, and contemplates life
Richard watched the moon..Collapse )

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Writer's Block: Superpower me

If you could give one friend a superpower, which friend would you choose, and what power would you give him or her?

The power to communicate directly to anyone- and help them form a rational reason for their actions. Would give this power to Dawkins, so he may inspire everyone he meets (;

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Thrilling - Part 1

This story was written by my friend, and not by me- but she wishes to remain anonymous (; 
Title: Thrilling - Part 1
Rating: PG - M 
Information: The name 'Evrim' means 'evolution' in Turkish 

At twenty-eight years of age, Richard Dawkins could claim...Collapse )

Welcome (:

Hey! I know that this community is fresh, so let's hopefully have a load of fun getting it going (; Always remember to tag posts and post a question if you are unsure!

Haha, no one will probably read this xD But here's Dawkins with his cap for your luck!

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