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I was inspired by a photo of young Dawkins: [Richard Dawkins in 1976, studying insect behaviour by noting the reactions of crickets to recorded mating calls] And have produced a short fic :) 
Title: Lighthearted
Rating: PG
Information: Richard is light-hearted, and contemplates life

Richard watched the moon from the window of his office, and felt a wave wash over him. The late nights were always worth it, the mating calls of the crickets sounded behind him through their cages; they were such fascinating creatures that hardly one would notice in their daily lives, and he'd dedicated a whole study to them: some would question where he found meaning in his life.

The clouds shifted and sun's reflection on the moon was temporarily faded; Richard moved his eyes towards the garden that was highlighted by the shining touches throughout the street. He sighed and smiled to himself, the school grounds were truly stunning, he was always a sucker for the old and historical look of buildings. Reminding him that he wasn't the first to have walked these halls, the first to have dreamt of discovery and a progressive society, and if it had not been for those of the past- he would surely not be here.

He felt a shiver rush through his body 'carpe diem' he thought and gave a small giggle. The cricket's seemed to respond to his sudden thought by releasing chirps that could only have been described as urgent and pleading. Richard knew that the crickets would be in the height of their mating season at the moment, and that they would be urgently in search for a mate. He walked over and watched them in their cages, feeling the cool breeze from the hall sweep through onto his face; he was content.

How he enjoyed the indifference of nature! The ability to feel confident in his life; knowing that he owned heed to none. The moon was out again, and he watched it; and he felt the world flip, as it did everynight he watched the moon. 'I am a small piece of carbon' 'Living amongst the indifference of nature, lucky and thinking and alive in every way...free to live this life; however I see fit' he felt the sides of his mouth twitch, and inhaled the silence of happiness.
Tags: atheist, fic, philosophy, young adult
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