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Quickly Gone

This is just a short fic, I was in the mood to write something a little exciting [Haha]
Don't read if you are not interested in this sort of story (; Hope you guys enjoy!

Title: Quickly Gone
Rating: M/Slash
Information: A young Professor Dawkins and his partner get up to a little mischief between meetings (;

Richard walked hastily out of the board room, it was 11am and they were taking a short break until they began again, in exactly 15 minutes. He opened the door to his office and was faced with the expected sight of Professor Thomas Black, who was hastily throwing sheets from Richard's desk into the air in a fit of anxiety. 'Where the hell are those research papers!?' he growled and did not turn is back at his partner's presence, 'I looked like a complete dickhead standing up to speak when I couldn't even quote the birth rate figures!' Richard snorted, 'Well you aren't going to find it in the mess you've made Tom' he was mildly aware that the research papers were directly on the floor below him but he was still fuming that Tom had decided it was okay to rip apart his desk so he said nothing and instead gave a sarcastic smile. He walked up and rested his hands on the other man's shoulders and his anger was soon washed through his veins, feeling the warmth of Black's body close to his; it had been a long morning so far and the physical closeness was unexpected and welcomed. The other man sighed and turned around, suddenly kissing Richard; whilst the door was still wide open! 'Tom!' he gasped and pulled back, only to be given a cheeky grin in return. Dawkins noted the other man's wavy brown hair, his thin and almost androgynous face; he was beautiful. Both 35 years old and eager, they shared a moment in each other's arms, Richard's thin straight hair fell upon his eyes and Tom wiped it away.

'Oh stop babying me... you dickhead' he said, and made a distance between them. He glanced at the clock on the desk: 11.05. Proffesor Black followed his eye-line and saw the time; giving a small smile as he did. 'Sorry for making a mess Richard' he said and moved foward towards his parter; 'We're probably never going to find those damn papers at this rate anyway, so why waste the time we do have?' and without permission, he once again laid his lips upon Richard's with a large force, wrapping his muscular arms around Dawkins' thin waist, causing him to give a small yelp. 'For God's sake Tom!' Richard tried pushing him away, but instead they moved back towards the desk, papers flying in all directions. Tom slipped, paper filled floor and fell upon the desk, causing Richard to land on top of him. Puffing and excited Professor Black attempted to steal another kiss from Richard, he breathed on the other man's neck 'Well, considering that you don't believe in God Rich' he huskily said, 'Your argument against my actions in invalid.'

He looked into Richard's hazel eyes, and strangely bushy eye brows, his face slightly flusted and red. He smiled; how he adored this man, especially when he was annoyed, he was very cute. Richard suddenly leaned in for a kiss, and grasped the side of his partner's face; 'Thomas, you're such a prick' he whispered whilst they shared an open mouthed kiss; causing them to both giggle like teenagers. Richard leaned on the other man's chest, he felt small and fragile; yet very loved, how on earth could another human being do this to him? He didn't really need to ask the question, considering that he knew the biological answer to it...how he liked listening to the heart beat of the other man; reminding him that they were both in-fact alive.

Without warning Thomas shot up and and pushed Richard off him, breaking their moment with a jolt. Richard's heart skipped a beat and he flipped his head around to see what what wrong. He spied the clock on the wall: 11.30. 'Fucking hell' he thought and felt his cheeks redden with anger, how that man could manipulate him! Tom ran out of the room but not before he said to Richard 'You better wait a few minuets before you come in, or else it'll be so very obvious why we were both late...' he laughed and was suddenly gone. Richard was left with a sense of a frustration yet slight joy and weighed out the situation: a slight loss of reputation over embarrassing Professor Black? He smiled and picked up the research papers off the floor and walked towards the board room 'I think you forgot theses!' Dawkins shouted towards the open door.
Tags: fic, sexual themes, slash, young adult
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