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We find reality Thrilling

Science is the Poetry to our Imagination

Richard Dawkins Fiction Community
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Richard Dawkins Fan Fiction
A community interested in evolutionary zoologist Richard Dawkins, and the world in which he lives- wanting to explore his character and personality through the writing and reading of Fan Fiction :)

This is a fan made community, and any opinions or views shared posted in this community involving 'Richard Dawkins' or others is that of the individual and of fiction.

. Discussion is always allowed and encouraged! But discussion means discussion- no arguments that result in name calling or personal prejudices will be allowed- comments will be deleted and you will be warned
. Insulting Dawkins is also allowed, everyone in entitled to their opinion! But if you simply come to the group and post hate spam it will be of course deleted and you will be blocked
. Always feel free to ask questions or make any requests!
. Fan Fiction must hold relevance to Richard Dawkins; or else the post will be deleted
. Posts not related to Fan Fiction are allowed, but not about a continues issue
. All Fan Fiction MUST have a rating/warning (as appropriate)
. Tag appropriately- if there are none that suit: PM or Post a request
. Introduce yourself if you are new! :D

And of course- enjoy the beauty if science and reality.